How to choose a capsule coffee maker

Thinking of buying a capsule coffee maker but don't know which one to choose? We tell you the secrets to choose the best capsule coffee maker for you.
Cómo elegir una cafetera cápsulas

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Is it worth buying a capsule coffee maker? What possibilities does it offer us to have one of these machines at home? Are they all the same or is there something we need to know before making a decision? How to choose a capsule coffee maker with the peace of mind that you have made the best choice?

Coffee is a drink as famous as it is delicious in all parts of the world. Whether with an Italian coffee maker, or an espresso machine, the ways to make coffee are seemingly limitless.

In addition, the development and emergence of new technologies allows new devices and gadgets to emerge that make our lives easier, but that maintain the essence of all the quality standards that we have always remembered.

We already know that there are many ways to prepare coffee, but the truth is that capsule coffee makers are a great alternative for those who enjoy drinking delicious coffee -or any of the many drinks that your capsule coffee maker allows you to prepare- with the The difference is that we can do it more quickly, easily and, generally, at a lower price, so that by now you are already clear that you need a capsule coffee maker, but you still don't know which one to choose.

Pros and cons of capsule coffee makers

  • Quick and easy to use
  • They are clean
  • Better and better quality

  • Different taste of traditional coffee
  • Capsules can be expensive
  • Limited creations

It is indisputable: capsule coffee machines are succeeding in the market because of how easy it makes life for those who love coffee.

You don't have to go to a Parisian coffee shop or become the best barista in history to have in your hands a cup of the coffee that you like so much, prepared by you in the comfort of your home in a way that you have never been able to imagine before.

4 points to choose the best capsule coffee maker

Choosing a capsule coffee maker can be a daunting task considering the wide variety of brands and models currently available on the market.

Being clear about our priorities and knowing which capsule coffee machines are offering the best results serves to facilitate the mission of finding the best machine for our needs.

Without a doubt, capsule coffee machines have become one of those essential products for the home, and they have been an absolute revolution in the concept that we all had about what it means to prepare and drink coffee, and now you want to enjoy all its potential in your own home. Do you want to know how to choose the best capsule coffee maker?

What types of drink are you planning to make?

Capsule coffee makers are attractive not only because of how fast, comfortable and cheap they are, but because of the possibilities they offer when preparing our favorite drink. In relation to this, the choice of your coffee maker can be directed towards the intention of being able to prepare a large number of drinks or if, on the contrary, what you are looking for is to be able to enjoy a coffee of the highest quality.

«I want to prepare a wide variety of drinks with my capsule coffee maker«.

The main advantage that many coffee consumers look for when they start buying a capsule coffee machine is mainly found in the possibility that some machines offer to prepare a wide range of beverages.

In addition to coffee, also chocolate, infusions or soft drinks are just some of the drinks that we can prepare with a capsule coffee maker. It all depends on the model you choose and the possibilities offered by that coffee maker.

«I want to make high-quality coffee with my capsule coffee maker«.

On the other hand, in the market we can also find more specialized coffee machines in preparing high-quality coffee, rather than offering the possibility of creating many types of drink.

For example, with a Nespresso coffee machine or a Senseo we can comfortably prepare a coffee with a taste and texture worthy of the best coffee shop.

How much are you willing to spend?

Before deciding on one, we have to be clear about how much budget we have to invest in our new capsule coffee maker. Although we find different brands and models for all tastes, in addition to the price of the device itself, it is important to take into account something else, such as the availability and price of the capsules compatible with your coffee maker.

Coffee maker price

Currently we can find 4 major brands that market coffee makers and coffee capsules with great success among coffee fans.

  • Nespresso: More expensive capsules, but it allows the preparation of a good number of drinks with extraordinary results. 
  • Dolce Gusto: With a large number of drinks available, such as espresso coffee, coffee with milk or cut coffee, latte machiato with vanilla or caramel, with this coffee maker from Krups and Delonghi there will be nothing that can resist us.
  • Tassimo: Made by Bosch, it allows you to prepare a number of drinks somewhat larger than the Dolce Gusto.
  • Senseo: Their capsules tend to have a lower cost, although with this Philips coffee machine you can only prepare coffee.

The price of a standard capsule coffee maker usually varies between € 80 and € 200. The quality of your coffee, the durability of its materials or the number of drinks it is capable of preparing are just some of the issues on which the final price of a capsule coffee maker depends.

Capsule price

While it's easy to find promotional, discounted, or simply cheap capsule coffee machines on a regular basis, the reality is that for coffee maker companies, the real business revolves around coffee pods.

Before choosing a capsule coffee maker, pay attention to the price that their capsules usually have in the supermarket. Many times we get carried away, tempted by the low cost of the coffee maker, and then we are surprised by how expensive the capsules are for that model.

Take a look at the top stores to find out if that choice is really worth making.

What extras that may interest you?

Although at first glance it may seem that the choice of a capsule coffee maker is based solely on choosing a coffee maker on the one hand and, on the other, just buying compatible capsules, the reality is that there is still much more you can do.

Once you know what type of drinks you want to prepare and the price you are willing to invest, it is time to be clear about what else you demand from your future coffee machine.

Compatible capsules

Official capsules usually offer better guarantees of quality, flavor and aroma, although this usually entails an extra cost that may not be profitable in the long term. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more capsules from other brands are compatible with the main models of capsule coffee makers, with the difference that their price can be reduced by up to half.

That is, you can try capsules from other brands to save yourself some money or to enjoy more coffee by paying the same or less than for the official capsules of the house.


It is also advisable to find out if your usual supermarket sells capsules compatible with your next coffee maker.

Although it is common to find coffee capsules in most stores and retail establishments, the reality is that it is not always easy to find the type of coffee or compatible capsules in our trusted stores.

Maybe you have to go to another supermarket or maybe you can take a look online to find out where it is possible to buy capsules and spare parts for our coffee maker, but without having to pay a fortune for them.

Number of capsules required

Before making a decision, we should not pass a very important detail that could affect our pocket.

Most coffee makers only need one capsule to prepare your favorite drink. However, some coffee machine models require several capsules to prepare the same drink. That is, for example, if we use a Tassimo coffee maker, we will need a capsule to prepare the coffee and another for the milk.

Coffee maker design

It does not usually directly affect the taste or quality of its preparations, but this is something that has to do with our lifestyle and our personal preferences.

If you have little or a lot of space, if you want a model with a more avant-garde design or if, on the contrary, you settle for a classic or professional style, these are just some questions that intervene in the quality of your coffee and the way you live. the unique experience of preparing delicious coffee with a capsule coffee maker.

Capsule tank

Those who opt for a capsule coffee maker are looking for the speed and convenience of preparing a coffee (or any other beverage) without complications, in a clean, instant and cheap way.

Pay attention that the model you choose has a tank for used capsules if you want to avoid extra work when preparing a coffee. The best capsule coffee makers have a spacious tank where you can store up to 15 used capsules before you need to empty it.

Cleaning and maintenance

Once we have chosen our capsule coffee maker, we should not think that everything is done.

Cleaning and maintaining your capsule coffee maker makes the difference between those who can enjoy the experience of making coffee for many years and those who are forced to buy a new machine within a few months because they have overlooked one of the most basic and main questions of any capsule coffee maker.

The main source of problems that can cause unusual operation in your coffee maker is water. The water has lime and this tends to adhere along the interior circuits of this type of machine.

All models include an instruction manual that explains how you should proceed to clean the lime and what you have to do to avoid lime accumulations that could deteriorate your coffee maker or make your coffee not taste like you remembered.

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