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It's time to have fun! Learn to enjoy sports and get the most out of physical activity: you will improve both inside and out.
Cómo disfrutar más del deporte

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Both when practicing it, and when watching it on television, there are practices that make our relationship with sport and with a healthier lifestyle more bearable. Setting goals and objectives, keeping track of or finding out about the achievements of third parties are some of the motivating elements to take into account.

The motivation in physical activity and sport has been and is one of the areas that most interest sports psychologists, and on which more scientific publications are made.

Initially, these types of reports tend to focus on the motivation of athletes who "sacrifice" a large part of their lives while playing sports, being able to lead a supposedly more comfortable and sedentary life. However, some of them can be extrapolated to ordinary citizen, who dedicates a few hours a week to sportsIn fact, there are also specific publications whose subject of study is this type of person.

Motivational strategies are the axis of all these studiesThe most important thing is that the person is convinced that they want to do sport and of the good things that this practice brings with it, which is generally difficult to maintain.

How to get into sports and why you should do it now

There is no doubt that setting goals and achieving them makes them become personal achievements that make regular practice much more bearable. In addition to the recognition there is what it is for us a fundamental part of this motivational process: health. When we play sports regularly, we begin to feel stronger and more confident. What's more, we secrete endorphins, which are so necessary to feel good and "function" in our daily chores.

Improve your health

For many psychologists it is important to create a link with the sport that goes beyond our own physical activity. These links can be based on watching sports and following the most important competitions; take an interest in the professional careers of the players, by their achievements; play video games that are based on knowledge of a specific sport; or make small bets, to give a few examples.

Interestingly, people who watch more sports through television or digital media tend to do more sports than those who are not interested at all. So it is important that our bond is based on leisure, and that we want to spend time for pleasure.

Generate benefits

There is no doubt that small sports bets in houses like BetStars, for example, seem to spice up sports viewing considerably, resulting in a lot more entertaining to get involved in the development of the matches and know the results of the competitions.

Develop new skills

Soccer fans, to take another example, seem reinforce your link with sports through video games such as Football Manager or PC Fútbol, both based on the careers of the players and which, today, respond to real events and statistics based on the careers of these sports stars.

Improve social relationships

The sport with friends, the typical “pachangas” and the weekend tournaments are also a great tool to get closer to the “leisure of sport”. In addition to strengthening friendship, these games can become a unique opportunity to release stress and talk with our friends in an unbeatable environment of understanding and endorphins.

You'll feel better

Something that is usually present in these articles is that way that the psychology of link a positive encouragement to something we want to do. Normally it is not enough to want to do it, if what you want is to practice sports regularly and prolong it for a long time; you need to enjoy it, make it part of an entertaining and enjoyable conception.

As you can see, any excuse can be good if the objective of reinforcing motivation and joining the sport is met.

Other ways to do it easily

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