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Give your photos the professional touch they were missing! Learn how to master the art of photography and surprise everyone with your shots. These tips will help you understand how to get the most out of your camera to leave your followers with their mouths open.
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Are you interested in the world of photography but don't know where to start? Do you want to get started in photographic art but don't want to spend too much effort or money? How to become a professional photographer being just a beginner?

The world of photography is fascinating and for that reason there are millions of photographers around the world who spend hours, days and months learning new things about photography.

Once you know the basics of photography, you will be able to go one step further. You only require the essential equipment and have a great desire to learn photography.

Through these tips you will learn photography in a way that will change your life forever!

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Know the functions of your camera

It is the simplest step and, at the same time, the most logical.

Once we have understood what type of photography we like the most, it will be the step of understanding what resources we have at our disposal.

Being a fashion photographer is not the same as doing sports, natural or landscape photography. In any case, if what we want is to take good pictures, what better way than to start by knowing the possibilities offered by our device?

It is important that you do not just look at the aperture or the shutter speed, but you should explore ALL the functions of your camera.

Do you know how to take a photo with the correct exposure? Have you ever tried the feature of time-lapse? Have you never heard of HDR?

It is surprising how many advanced photographers are unfamiliar with the 100 % how their camera works.

Think of it this way: the better you know your camera, the more likely you are to develop your creativity; You will be able to capture scenes with a unique perspective!

Mentalize yourself to share your work

It may seem too overwhelming to think about this now, but remember: your work can only be appreciated and valued if it is somewhere people can see it.

Just preparing to exhibit your work is the way to make what you do known, since only then someone will be able to pay for what you do.

Find your best photograph

I know that it is not easy to find the BEST photography among so many you have done, but spending some time to find your flagship will help you understand what your tastes are in the world of photography.

Dare to take photos at night

Taking photos at night is the fastest way to learn photography.

Taking photos at night allows you to focus on the light, which helps you develop techniques that allow you to master photography from A to Z: it will help you correctly master some aspects, such as exposure, the use of high ISOs and a faster shutter speed.

Check with your friends

This exercise is really simple, since you will only need to print all those photographs that make you feel the greatest pride.

You can choose 50, 50 or 70 ... and show them to someone you trust. Remember that you will achieve a greater effect if you do it with someone who has not seen those photos before.

Then ask her to sort those photos from favorite to least favorite and then ask why I made that decision.

The strong point of this activity is this: you will be able to know and understand what draws attention -and what does not- to the people who see your photographic work.

It will help you discern whether your efforts are focused on impressing an expert or whether your sole purpose is to make ordinary people enjoy your art.

Participate in a photography contest

Most people don't just do it for fun, they see photo contests as an opportunity to receive insight from experts on how they could improve their work.

Participating in a contest is really simple, since there are so many: just choose one where you think you have options and do not hesitate to participate.

Bond with other photography lovers

There is nothing like meeting people with the same passion to improve in what you love.

This will help you to consolidate your concepts, but it will also make more and more people interested in your photographs meet you.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now meet other photographers no matter where you live. What's more, many often use digital platforms to share their works.

Yes create a blog To publish your photos, you can receive thousands of visits if a professional of the photography links you from theirs.

Learn some Photoshop

It is something that many photography enthusiasts overlook and that can be a before and after in their work.

Just open YouTube and you can find hundreds of videos where they reveal the deepest secrets of photographic art. The possibilities offered by an image editing program are limitless, as will your creativity if you learn to use it correctly.

Use the power of social media

There are many photographers who think that a page on Facebook or a profile on Twitter is only necessary when you want to do business with your photographs.

The reality is that this is only a small part of the usefulness of social networks in the world of photography.

The reactions and comments that your friends and family make to your publications help you improve your technique and understand what your truly strengths are.

Surround yourself with your creations

This advice serves to understand your own evolution as a lover of photography.

Just print your best creations in a good size and hang them around your home. Every time someone comes, you will have a topic of conversation and a chance for your work to reach more people.

At the same time you will feel happier by surrounding yourself with what you enjoy the most!

Build your own portfolio

It does not take too long and the utility is maximum.

Creating a portfolio of your images will not take you more than half an hour and it is a super simple way to facilitate access to your work so that others can value your works.

Other ways to do it easily

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