How to know if you need to break up with your partner: 12 bad reasons to break up with your partner

Has it crossed your mind to break up with your partner? You will surely change your mind when you read these 12 bad reasons.
Malas razones para romper

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1. You want him to change his appearance

We all know that guy who comments that his girlfriend has gained a few extra pounds or the girl who complains endlessly about her boyfriend's new beard.

If you demand that your partner change his appearance, you no longer deserve to stick with her. Mature!


2. They still know how to recognize an attractive person

Even though he only has eyes for you, he may occasionally notice a pretty girl walking past him. That does not mean that she finds you less attractive or that they are going to go with her.

This would be one of the most immature reasons to break up.


3. Being single seems easier

Is being single easier? Yes, it probably is, because when a person is single they can live life as they please.

But we are completely sure that nothing worthwhile is easy.


4. You have had a discussion

The height of a great fight should be the perfect time to better understand your partner.

It may sound difficult, but this is a great time to fight for your relationship instead of running away from it.


5. Unwanted pregnancy

It may seem a bit extreme, but unfortunately it is more common than you can imagine.

Don't forget that if you got close enough to make it happen, you're also close enough to make it work.


6. This is not the time to get married

Just because your partner is not ready for marriage is no reason to leave her.

You may have reached that point before him, so if you really believe that you want to spend the rest of your life with him, just give him the time he needs to feel ready, too.


7. You don't have everything in common

Sometimes your hobbies will not always be the same because everyone is different.

This is a lesson we all learned in school, but it seems that some people have a hard time applying it to their relationships.


8. You have different schedules

Sometimes relationships are a bit more difficult due to the time difference. Maybe she works nights and you work in the morning, but this shouldn't be a cause for you to walk away.

If you are really trying to make the relationship work, then you will always find time to enjoy yourself together.


9. It is not a stereotype

You may think that your girlfriend should be preparing your favorite food and ironing your shirts. Or you think your boyfriend should be working all day to spend all the money on you.

Rule number one about relationships: No one should change just by being with you.


10. The butterflies are gone

Do you remember the first date when you felt like you had butterflies in your stomach and you blushed when he noticed your dress?

These feelings sometimes go away, but it's simply because you feel comfortable with each other. It does not mean that love has disappeared.


11. It doesn't make you happy all the time.

No one should ever be responsible for your own happiness. Relationships take work and sometimes, even if you're going well, you won't always feel happy.

If this is a problem, then you have seen too many Disney movies.


12. You cannot carry their luggage

Breaking news! Everyone comes carrying a past. Even if it's your partner's first serious relationship, you're going to have to carry both of you with it.

If you are looking for perfection, prepare to die alone.

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