How to wear false eyelashes

The trick to get some false eyelashes correctly? We reveal the secret technique that will give you a natural and professional appearance.
How to put false eyelashes

Every time you think about putting on false eyelashes, do you remember how bad you had last time? What is the best way to wear false eyelashes easily and quickly? What can we do to get you some false eyelashes without noticing that they are false?

Few people are able to wear false eyelashes without their eyes starting to get irritated or cry.

Beyond their difficulty to place them, false eyelashes can have a heavy and synthetic finish that takes them away from the vision we had of them before placing them if we do not apply them correctly.

How to properly use false eyelashes

Everything in this life has a technique that helps us achieve what we want in the best possible way, and in the case of false eyelashes, this was not going to be different.

Have you ever considered impossible to obtain a result as perfect as natural at the time of putting on false eyelashes? Here we reveal the truth.

Check that they have the correct measurement

Before proceeding to its placement, it is advisable to ensure that they will not be too long or too short.

You can bring them close to your eyelid to check that they have the appropriate length.

In case they are too long, you can trim them to give them a more natural touch, but remember that they always have to be somewhat longer as you move towards the outermost point of the eye.

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Apply the glue

Put some glue on the crease of the eyelash with the help of an applicator. It is convenient to allow the glue to dry for a few seconds before placing it on your eyelashes.

Another way to do this is to put some glue on the back of your non-dominant hand and overlay the false eyelash on the product to impregnate it with glue.

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Place the false eyelashes

Place them right on your natural eyelashes. The closer you get to place them, the better result you will get. Refine your location by dragging them from top to bottom, since doing so in front will be more complicated.

In short, the goal is to try to approximate the false eyelashes to the natural ones as much as possible.

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Let the glue dry outdoors

Once you have placed your false eyelashes you can let them dry naturally if you need to be putting pressure on them.

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Wear a mascara

It is useful to give your eyelashes an even more natural look. You can choose between black, brown or dark gray mask colors.

However, it is always convenient to opt for a high quality eye mask.

You can take a look at this Push up Maybelline review, with which you will get an extended effect on your lashes throughout the day; or you can read the Push up Maybelline opinions if you want more information about what are the best masks on the market and how to apply them properly to get the most out of your eyelashes and get a dramatic look along with more bulky eyelashes.

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Use an eyeliner

This will help you avoid seeing the possible resulting space between your real lashes and the false ones. You can use the same color as for your mascara.

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How to remove false eyelashes

Insert the tip of an eye makeup remover and apply it along the line of your eyelashes. You will have to let it act for a minute and the strip will come out much more easily.

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