How to make funny posters for weddings

Is there a more original way to celebrate that special day? Discover right now how to create amazing posters for your wedding.
How to make funny posters for wedding

The big day is coming and you want everything to be perfect for this special moment that will mark a before and after in your life. You will be part of the person you love and want everything to be ready to the smallest detail.

Organizing a wedding is not a simple task, it requires planning, decorating strategies, tastes and advice of all kinds. If you want to have an original celebration and impress your guests we recommend very creative posters to make you feel and give your wedding a very cheerful and cozy atmosphere.

The posters for weddings are not only a decoration but they offer a service to your guests. They serve to give an air of story and adventure to the environment, which expresses in a very elegant way the personality of the party. They can be used as a wedding program, with the order in which the wedding events will take place, or as a map to direct the guests to the next place where the event continues. They must be synchronized with the theme of your wedding. You can achieve a classic look with a simple and economical project made by yourself.

8 types of amazing posters to liven up any wedding

There are a wide variety of possibilities and formats: in wood, printed or framed, with balloons, painted letters, pennants, blackboards or giant letters. The choice of the type of poster will be an important part of the wedding image and the personality of the bride and groom, so it will be ideal to ask designers and other professionals for advice. It is important that they help us choose the font style, the stroke and the combination of colors and textures for an optimal result

Below we show you a series of options for funny posters for weddings so you can choose the ones that best suit you.

1. Welcome sign

To give the greeting and the welcome to the assistants upon arrival. Usually the name of the couple and the date of the link usually appear.

2. At the entrance of the bride

At the entrance of the bride’s path to the altar. It is usually decorated with very elegant letters, since it is the path that travels towards the love of your life. This poster is one of the most important because it symbolizes the path that goes towards its new life of commitment.

3. The bride and groom’s car

Heart-shaped balloons, cans with newlyweds messages or stickers … The important thing is that it stands out well that it is the bride and groom’s car. This may be one of the most suitable ideas for a different and original wedding.

4. Posters for each space

To the welcome drink, toast, to the banquet, to the dance … They can signal the direction of the route that must be followed to each of the spaces, so that no guest gets lost and gets lost in the way.

5. Wedding chairs

These posters are very fashionable. They indicate the positions of the bride and groom. They can say the name and be accompanied by a logo or a characteristic image of them.

6. The tables

They indicate the table number and the organization to distribute to the guests. The table number can be indicated along with the name of the corresponding guests.

7. Photocall

This option is very popular for guests to pose in photos with funny messages. It can be accompanied by party items and costumes such as funny glasses, masks or wigs. You will have a great time watching the funny pictures of this day.

8. Special messages

A thank you poster for attending can give a final touch to a day of magic and fun.

The reality is this, creating fun posters for your wedding day with spectacular results is really simple and fast, suitable for anyone. However, if you feel like being inspired a little more, I recommend that you know more about the wedding posters here.

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