How to light my home so it looks perfect

Has the time come to light your house? Today we review some of the key tips so that the lighting of your home is as you wish.
How to light my home so it looks perfect

Are you looking for a lighting that elevates your spirit and makes you feel more relaxation and productivity? How to take advantage to illuminate the different styles of your house? What are the most wonderful ways to light a home to fit your needs?

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: good lighting makes a big difference in the way your house looks.

Proper lighting creates a unique mood and mood in each space, so the way to do so will have an impact on the overall appearance of the interiors of your home in a decisive way.

Although you always have the possibility of using a professional lighting studio, these are some of the best tips that will help you improve the lighting in your home:

Consider the ceiling height

Knowing the height of the ceilings is useful to know which hanging lighting fixtures will be best in each room. Since some accessories have cables or rods that you can adjust, you will want to know that each light will be at its correct height.

As a general rule, each light should hang at about 40 centimeters per 2.5 meters high.

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Consider your tables

When some type of lighting is placed on tables or islands, it is generally that the light is not more than 75 centimeters away. However, you will have to take into account the size of the lamp, since a smaller light will illuminate better below, while if it is large, you can place it higher.

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Consider your preferences

During the initial phase of construction or renovation, you need to carefully plan how to illuminate each room. For example, if you want lights coming out of a wall, you will need to take it into account before the work begins.

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Play with intensity

Do not limit everything to recessed lights, since depending on the location, it may be advisable to use wall sconces or ambient lights to create softer environments and prevent the lighting from being too rough to cast shadows too dark.

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How much brightness are you looking for?

In addition to lamps, light bulbs also play a key role in lighting a stylish house. Although LED bulbs will help you save on your electricity bill, there are other types, such as halogen or fluorescent, that are available in a wide range of warm or cold tones. The brightness you choose for your bulbs just depends on you! But if your walls are painted with cold tones, you may want to heat them with a warm glow bulb. Same as inverse, since you can apply cold glare to the darkest areas of your home.

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Remember to light the stairs

Properly lighting the stairs has multiple advantages, where the most crucial is to avoid possible accidents when it is night or when there is little light. Be sure to place the switches at the ends or add a motion detection system.

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Illuminate the bottom of the furniture

Many people think that lighting your home is an unnecessary and simply aesthetic task, but lighting with strips on the bottom of the furniture is a quick way to add a night light in a simple and practical way.

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Think of the decoration

Adding lights as decorative elements is a direct way to create spaces with unique environments. As long as you already have the general lighting installed, you can choose to add lights with artistic and decorative shapes to provide a touch of ambient lighting.

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