How to avoid fluid retention

The retention of liquids brings you down the street of bitterness and you want to know how to end it once and for all? What is true about what they have told you about fluid retention and how it affects you? What are the most effective remedies to end this situation and get to see the results you expect so much?
How to end fluid retention

The retention of liquids brings you down the street of bitterness and you want to know how to end it once and for all? What is true about what they have told you about fluid retention and how it affects you? What are the most effective remedies to end this situation and get to see the results you expect so much?

You have tried everything. You count every calorie you consume, you keep a daily log of all your activity. You have tried all the nutritional supplements that exist … but you still can’t lose any weight.

What is happening?

You have been assured that the caloric deficit works best and you are trying not to eat too much. You have learned to prevent metabolic damage and spend many hours of hunger a day … Not to see any results?

You exercise religiously, but month after month, your figure remains the same as at the beginning every time you look in the mirror, what could be happening?

Once we rule out the obvious reasons why you are not losing weight, the only conclusion is fluid retention. And when we discover that fluid retention is the problem, then you can find a solution.

If you do what most people do: more exercise and eat less, you may be extending your situation.

It is normal to feel frustration or anger and that it has crossed your mind to give up at once. Deep down, you don’t want that to happen.

6 effective ways to reduce fluid retention

In addition to the following points, there is also something else you can do to end the water retention that bothers you so much naturally and without much effort.

Below you will know another few ways to end your problem. Just remember that they are natural methods, so if you feel that your problem is somewhat greater, it is best to consult a doctor.

Move on

You can start by walking or moving a little to try to reduce the localized accumulation of liquids, as in the lower extremities. You can also try raising your legs.

If you don’t like exercising in public places, you can choose to buy material for your home:

Drink more water

Many people believe that the best way to eliminate fluid retention is, paradoxically, by drinking more water.

Horse tail

Horsetail is useful thanks to its powerful diuretic effects.


Parsley has always been considered as a very effective diuretic.


In addition to being practical against common colds, it also has diruética properties that can help you with your fluid retention.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice also has diuretic properties.

Fluid retention occurs when excess fluid is generated inside the leather. This is also known as fluid retention or edema, and occurs when inside the circulatory system, or inside the tissues. Its most visible symptoms are swelling of the hands, feet, legs and ankles.

There are several reasons that cause fluid retention, and it is almost never serious. In fact, some women suffer from fluid retention when they become pregnant or before having menstruation.

But it also happens to sedentary people or who spend a lot of time physically inactive, such as those who are bedridden or must travel for many hours on a plane.

However, you should know that water retention can also mean a very serious medical symptom, which reveals a predisposition to kidney disease or heart failure. If you discover that your fluid retention is becoming serious, it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Luckily, most of the time the swelling is mild and it is not an underlying health problem. In these cases, there are some tricks that can help you.

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Take less salt

Salt is made up of sodium and chloride. Sodium is mixed with the body’s water to keep the internal and external fluids of the cells in balance.

Fluid retention originates when we eat many foods high in salt.

Therefore, the solution seems logical: by reducing sodium intake, you can reduce fluid retention. However, there are some nuances.

While for many people they retain fluids due to sodium intake, for other people this is not a factor that affects at all. So, ultimately, fluid retention caused by sodium depends exclusively on each individual.

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Increase magnesium intake

One of the most important minerals is magnesium.

The reality is that it is related to more than 300 enzymatic reactions that keep the body functioning properly. So, sometimes we just need to increase magnesium intake to reduce fluid retention.

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Take more vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a group of closely related vitamins, which are involved in the generation of red blood cells, but also intervene in many other functions of the body.

Vitamin B6 can be useful both to end water retention and for women with premenstrual syndrome.

Among the foods richest in vitamin B6 we have meat, potatoes, nuts and bananas.

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Eat foods high in potassium

Potassium has several functions in our body.

For example, it influences the sending of electrical signals that keep the body functioning properly. In addition, it is very beneficial to improve heart health.

The reasons are very simple, since on the one hand potassium reduces sodium levels and, at the same time, increases urine production.

Some of the foods with the highest potassium content are avocados, bananas or tomatoes.

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Try the dandelion

Dandelion is an herb that has been used for centuries as a natural diuretic in folk medicine.

Natural diuretics can be beneficial in reducing fluid retention, by having you go to the bathroom more times.

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Avoid refined carbohydrates

The main cause of blood sugar spikes and insulin levels are usually refined carbohydrates.

When insulin levels rise, then fluid retention is more likely to occur, as sodium reabsorption in the kidneys also increases. This translates into a greater volume of fluid inside the body.

To avoid refined carbohydrates, just avoid processed sugars and grains, such as white flour.

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