How to surprise someone for their birthday

The most spectacular way to prepare a birthday? Discover the tips and secrets to organize a spectacular birthday party!
How to prepare a birthday party
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Is a family member or friend having a birthday soon? Do you want to surprise him that he will never forget? What are the best recommendations to celebrate a magical and unforgettable birthday?

Preparing an amazing birthday can now become a reality. There are several options when it comes to celebrating it, being able to choose between a more relaxed plan or something more crazy!

Here are some useful suggestions for that person you care about so much to spend a day of full happiness with family, friends and lots of fun.

Throw a surprise party

An unexpected party is a very effective way to surprise someone you appreciate on their birthday.

You just have to take responsibility and find someone to get a cake, another to bring friends, make cards and prepare all the decorations.

You can focus the decoration on a theme with which it identifies. Anything is good to make someone you love happy.

Write him something nice

Instead of using the typical redesigned greeting, you can choose to write a personal note on a small piece of paper. You can deliver it in different ways

  • Leaving her somewhere where I find her
  • Mailing it
  • Giving it directly
  • Find an intermediary who will send it to you.

Make sure the note conveys everything enough in an exciting and special way. Do not stay in a simple "Congratulations!". Be more original and opt for something more personalized: "I wish you the most special birthday of your life!" or "Have a great time on a special day like this!"

A personalized note conveys much more about what that person means to you.

Another way to do this is by asking for personal letters or notes from other of your friends. It can be general wishes, memories, etc. Anything important to the birthday person will do!

You can hang them on a wall or add them as post-its to a wall, the door or your car. Use different colors to make it more extraordinary!

Looking for ideas to write your birthday messages?

Keep traditions alive with a birthday cake

A simple but effective way to surprise someone on their birthday is with the classic birthday cake. It's a great way to show how valuable someone is to you by spending your time baking a cake for them.

But if you don't like cakes, don't worry: you can choose your favorite dessert or sweet and add some candles!

Don't forget the balloons!

Inflate them and put them somewhere where when you open them they will all fall on the person you are trying to surprise.

If you feel like it, you can also write some dedications on the balloons. Messages like "I love you" or "You're great because ..." are messages that you can use, although you can adapt them depending on the relationship you have with that person.

You can also bring up fond memories from the past, funny stories, jokes, song lyrics, or meaningful words to show that you really care.

Celebrate it by eating

Preparing his favorite dish or going to eat at a good restaurant will make the birthday boy feel super special.

Think about what their favorite dish could be: pasta, rice, pizza, meat, fish…? You can surprise him with his favorites.

You will only need to go buy the ingredients to be able to prepare the recipe at home and add a nice birthday note where you congratulate him.

In addition, you can do it with anyone, from your partner, to relatives, children, siblings and friends.

Hire a limousine

You can surprise your friend or family member by hiring a chauffeured limousine.

Picking it up at some point and taking it for a spin around town will not only make you happy, but also allow the rest of the guests to enjoy themselves.

Surprise dinners work very well too

Instead of a party, you can also take the birthday person out to dinner and have their friends and family waiting. They can also appear by surprise at home. It is very simple, and also a very surprising way to celebrate a birthday.

You can have gifts, letters and music ready, and you can even ask each guest to bring a plate.

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