How to protect your bones

Protecting your bones is very easy! Just start following these healthy habits to improve the health of your bones and your entire body today and without complications.
How to protect your bones

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Are you interested in maintaining strong and healthy bones for as long as possible? Is it true that there is something we can do to protect our skeletal system from now on? What are the keys to keeping our bones in good condition without having to completely change our lifestyle?

Caring for and protecting our bones is a task that we must all do regardless of our age.

Maintain a healthy diet, get frequent exercise or avoiding risky behaviors are just some of the steps we must follow to maintain iron bone health.

However, the body, hormones and lifestyles can change, so it is important that you know some of the keys that will help you maintain a strong, healthy and long-lasting bone system.

We gather and share with you what you need to do to ensure that the 206 bones in your body remain in good condition throughout your life.

8 easy ways to start protecting your bones today

Eat balanced

Eating fruits and vegetables and being vigilant to cut down on fatty foods is a great way to start protecting your bones.

The calcium and vitamin D that we ingest through food helps us keep our bones in optimal condition.

Eliminate sugar

Sugar is known to steal minerals from the body, such as calcium or magnesium.

If you want to avoid a deficit of calcium or magnesium in your body, then you can start by avoiding sugar as much as possible.

There are already substitutes, such as sweeteners, that you can start using that are postulated as much healthier and less harmful alternatives.

Make sure you get enough magnesium

Magnesium is one of the main minerals in the human body, although many people become deficient in this mineral.

You can find supplements that will help you fill this magnesium deficiency quickly and easily.

Take butter

Above all, organic butter is very useful for the development of neurons and bones, both in children and adults.

By consuming butter you will get the calcium and vitamin D that your bones need to stay extra strong.

do exercise

Exercise is an inexhaustible source of benefits for our body, among which is the ability to strengthen our muscles and bones as nothing could do it in the same way.

Be careful with the salt!

A diet high in sodium is directly associated with excess calcium excretion, so only by reducing the amount consumed will we be able to avoid it.

Eat less protein

Diets rich in protein can have a diuretic effect and affect the acidity of the blood, causing the loss of calcium and magnesium.

Always remember the 20/80 rule, where the 20 % of your diet should be proteins and the 80 % fruits and vegetables.

Stop smoking

Compared to non-smokers, it has been shown that people addicted to cigarettes they usually have a much lower bone density than the rest.

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