How to prepare an effective digital marketing strategy

Do you want to succeed with your business on the Internet but do not know where to start? Learn the keys to preparing a digital strategy that takes your business to the next level.
How to do digital marketing
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Do you have a business and want to take advantage of Internet opportunities to increase your profitability? Is it as difficult as it seems to master the digital ecosystem? Can we succeed with a marketing strategy if we have never done it before?

Low costs, high profitability, higher productivity, unstoppable penetration… We see the strengths of the Internet with the naked eye.

However, when push comes to shove, very few people are capable of designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy.

For a few years we have all been aware of a revolutionary boom, but that little by little it is becoming something normal in our lives.

A stage in which the connection between people is inherent in our nature, the Internet is giving way to a new dimension where in addition to entertainment and knowledge.

Now we can also find a new pillar that inevitably increasingly supports the existence of the most profitable businesses of all kinds in all parts of the globe.

The 4 steps to start preparing an online strategy that really works

If selling online is so effective, it is because of the possibilities it offers when measuring user behavior.

Although these are the basic steps of a conversion funnel, it is necessary that you have clear your analysis skills, and that you have a realistic idea about what your product is, how much and why it is worth what it is worth, how will you find out the people who exist, etc. If not, then I must tell you that a long journey of learning awaits you, so sometimes it may be more practical to contact a marketing specialist or a digital advertising company.

Step 1: Attraction

To this day, you may have already heard it thousands of times, but just in case you still don't have it clear: the content is what commands.

Unless you are looking to waste your effort, time and money, it is best to have a good handful of what you can offer to the world.

The first step is to have all the content ready before you start.

Make sure to analyze well those market segments you are targeting and think carefully about how you can respond to their queries and concerns through a study of keywords and social presence.

It is what is known as a content strategy, and carrying it out is really easy.

Just divide your blog content into categories. If you don't have a blog, here you can learn to create your own.

Once you have the categories and a good handful of articles created, it is time to create a lead magnet for each category. Next I will explain everything and tell you what a lead magnet is.

We review the basic concepts that you can use to outline what

Step 2: Conversion

Once the visits start to arrive, it is time to move to the next level.

Although many people may be scared, getting subscribers is much easier than it seems, but always if you have the appropriate knowledge.

Just prepare a lead magnet and offer it to your visitors for free in exchange for an email address.

Basic elements of a landing page that converts

If you want to increase the effect, just do the following: prepare a landing page with the following elements.

  • Qualification: It must be impressive and attention-grabbing, but closely related to the gift.
  • Picture: You can google mockup and use a template to get a super professional result.
  • List of benefits and benefits: Focus on highlighting in 4 or 5 lines the benefits that consuming your resource provides.
  • Testimonials (optional): Testimonials are an incredible way to convey confidence; But be careful: if you use them badly, you can convey exactly the opposite feeling.
  • The most important: a valuable lead magnet that converts. If this is the first time you've heard of a lead magnet, just read on to find out what it is.

The objective of this lading page (also known as a squeeze page, due to its ability to "squeeze" conversions) is to act as a catalyst between your users to convert them into subscribers. But it will not do it on its own, you will need to offer something that allows you to build your email list.

For this we use a lead magnet. A lead magnet is simply a resource, such as a pdf guide, a mini-course, a checklist, etc ... that we offer to our visitors in exchange for their email address.

Requirements to create a good lead magnet

In addition to being related to the need of your visitor, a lead magnet must meet the following.

Is specific

Help in a specific way in a specific task (Examples: ”7 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy in your business"Or"How a digital marketing strategy helps you increase the lifespan of your customers”)

It is easy to consume

It should have a length between 5 and 10 pages, but it should be able to consume between 5 and 10 minutes. The objective is to impact and generate the effect of utility, of value. This will remain in your prospect's memory.

It is offered free and exclusively in exchange for the email address

It really is not free, as the email address is a very important piece of information that someone is willing to give you in exchange for you keeping your promise to help them.

Although you can start selling directly, I assure you that if you implement a system that allows you to capture the email of your visitors, you will be much closer to being able to sell your product to them.

After this first gift, you will have to continue communicating with your audience so that they can prepare for the moment you have been waiting for so long.

Step 3: Sale

The sale starts as soon as the future buyer enters your website for the first time. It is true that not all visitors will become buyers, but the truth is that at first they all have some probability of being.

Once you've started building your email list, the next step is to finish warming up your subscribers to finally make a purchase.

You can use automated email marketing sequences or remarketing strategies to optimize conversion within your funnel, from additional channels, such as social media or search networks.

Once you manage to execute your email marketing strategy, you will be much closer to reaching your goal: to sell more.

Therefore, in addition to striving to constantly improve your product, you must also seek the appropriate method of communicating it to the world.

Step 4: Evolution

The fact of wanting to focus on getting new clients, many times makes us forget those people who already are.

It is proven: attracting a new customer is much more difficult than keeping one you already have. In this way, once you have prepared your sales strategy, then you can diversify your offer to meet other customer needs that you already have.

Strive to get your customers. do not abandon you, but at the same time want to consume more of your products and services.

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