How to have twins: 5 natural ways to multiply your odds

Would you like to have twins but you don’t know how? We tell you all the natural secrets to increase your chances of conceiving twins without risk.

The natural conception of twins takes place approximately once every 89 births, so, under normal circumstances, the possibility of having twins seems minimal, but is this really true?

Although there are fertility treatments aimed at increasing the chances of having twins, you may find it interesting to know that there are also some methods that can be put in place to increase the chances of conceiving twins.

Having twins is considered by many to be a double blessing. However, before knowing the most effective methodology to give birth to a beautiful pair of babies, it is very important to know the process by which they are conceived, as well as to understand the differences that exist between twins and twins.

How twins are conceived: Difference between twins and twins

While twins are created through the fertilization of a single ovule, the twins are fertilized in two separate ovules. Identical twins are rare, and occur as a result of an egg that sometimes divides during early pregnancy.

The twins are conceived when two ovules are released during ovulation, while identical twins are the result of random chance.

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How to know if you have a genetic propensity to have twins

Although it sounds strange, the conception of twins is the result of something abnormal that occurs during pregnancy.

Identical twins are created when the fertilized egg is fertilized by two sperm cells, while the twins are created from two eggs fertilized by one sperm cell each.

Although it may seem that we cannot directly influence this, there are a few factors that can help naturally increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins.


Young women have more difficulty having twins than those with an older age. At an older age, a woman produces more of a hormone called follicle stimulant (HFS) that allows the ovaries to begin the process of preparing an egg for ovulation. The more amount of this hormone is present in a woman’s body, the greater the chances of producing multiple ovules that can result in multiple pregnancy if at least two of them are fertilized.

Your weight and height

They are aspects that although it seems that no, also influence when getting pregnant with twins. Women with a heavier weight are also more likely to breed twins. This is mainly because well-nourished women are better able to have twins than those with a poor or unbalanced diet, which does not produce the necessary nutrients to have a healthy child.

It has also been shown that most women who have twins tend to be taller, compared to those who have had a normal pregnancy.

Family background

If there have already been twins in your family it is much more likely that you can have them too. Some families legacy the twin gene that increases the chances of developing twins for many years.

Ethnic group

The ethnic group has a lot to do when it comes to having twins. For example, Asian women are less likely to have twins, while African women tend to be more likely to have them, compared to many other ethnic groups.

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How to naturally increase your chance of having twins

How do you know, nobody has the control to decide how many babies he creates during a pregnancy. However, there is something you can still do to increase your chances.

Increase your intake of folic acid

It has been shown that taking folic acid supplements helps increase the likelihood of having twins. This supplement will also help you conceive a healthy baby and prevent possible defects.

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Eat dairy products

Eating dairy products is also linked to the likelihood of multiple pregnancy. It has been shown that women who frequently eat dairy products are up to five times more likely to give birth to twins than those who are vegan or vegetarian and do not consume these products.

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Control the use of birth control pills

Birth control pills can play an important role in helping you have twins.

When women stop taking these types of pills, the body needs some time to regain its natural rhythm again. This can lead to a higher than normal hormonal flow development during the first or the first two menstrual cycles.

If you take this time to conceive, there is a great possibility that there are two ovules in the uterus that can lead to the pregnancy of twins.

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Increase the duration of breastfeeding

If you have already had a child, you can increase breastfeeding time to increase the chances of having twins later. Scientific studies reveal that women who increase a child’s breastfeeding time increase the chances of conceiving twins by up to 9 times during their next pregnancy.

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Try to have more children

Having more children means being more likely to have twins.

The more times a woman becomes pregnant, the more likely she is to produce several ovules during ovulation, which translates into probabilities to conceive twins.

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