How to get a virtual phone number

Virtual phone numbers have several advantages that you cannot ignore. Discover everything about this cloud-based system and take advantage of all its benefits as soon as possible!
How to get a virtual phone number
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Do you need a low cost but effective phone system? Are you looking for flexibility in your communications inside and outside your workspace, regardless of the national territory in which you are located? What are the advantages and benefits of having a virtual phone number?

The world is moving forward, and technology is pushing it at a speed every time Mayr. For this reason, many companies are leaving behind their traditional telephone lines and turning to virtual telephone systems as a means of connection between employees and consumers.

This does not mean that the entire traditional communication process has died, but that it is being transformed into something intangible, advanced and very flexible.

There are many businesses that can benefit from this trend based on a virtual phone number.

What are virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are part of cloud-based phone systems. These systems work through an internet connection and are used mostly for global communications.

Virtual telephone numbers are available in all countries of the world, so they allow you to make calls from any country to any country.

These systems are great for companies that operate with clients in different countries. In this way, they can acquire different numbers and use them within a common virtual telephone number system. In other words, with a cloud phone system it is possible to use several numbers from the same central office.

Why use a virtual phone number?

The main advantage of using a virtual telephone number is that it allows you to connect people from different locations, pretending that both are in the same territory. Additionally, there are other powerful reasons why one of these systems is recommended:

  • No hardware. Cloud systems are always an efficient and smart way to offer very robust features at a very affordable price, plus you don't have to pay for any additional physical devices.
  • Efficiency. Traditional business phone systems require more maintenance, while virtual phone numbers save many more costs.
  • Simplified configuration. Since they work from the cloud, the installation of these systems can be done in a very short time.
  • Wireless The main idea behind cloud technology is to do things remotely from any corner of the planet.
  • More fluid communication. It allows the recording and monitoring of calls, among many other possibilities.

How to get a virtual phone number?

All it takes to get a virtual phone number is a few minutes.

  1. Open an account with any virtual phone number provider.
  2. Once you have your account active, choose a phone number for the country you want.
  3. Get your phone number.
  4. Start using it from your computer, tablet or mobile!

Who can benefit from a virtual phone system?

They can be useful in different areas and purposes. Among them:


These numbers are commonly used by most customer services and call centers to make it appear that they are from the same country. What actually happens is that they are located in different locations and at different time zones. Virtual business phone numbers are essential for any company with international clients. Using this type of system, any business can appear local to any foreign customer.


Migrants and travelers can also benefit from the use of virtual phone numbers as they facilitate contact between people from different region and country at any time.


Some organizations use the virtual telephone number system within their promotional campaigns and through different channels, as it allows precise monitoring of the traffic generated by the various sources of paid or organic traffic.

Virtual services

Virtual companies exist, in part, thanks to these systems. Clients and workers of multinational companies can use virtual telephone numbers to contact clients and other companies present around the world very easily.

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