How to clean your tongue: Step-by-step guide to comprehensive cleaning

Do you want to know the definitive method to clean the tongue? Discover how to clean your tongue with a few simple steps and eliminate the problem forever!
How to clean the tongue

Bad breath is something we all hate completely!

I am one of those people like those seen in the movies that come running in the morning to brush their teeth before their partner wakes up and can “greet her” with fresh breath. Having a clean and fresh mouth is a wonderful feeling.

No, it is not being scrupulous. We just hate bad breath in the morning. If there were any problems that someone could get rid of, it would undoubtedly be bad breath. We all hate to talk to someone and feel a couple of steps away to escape the perimeter of our halitosis-exhaled exhalations.

The other day, I was brushing my teeth and I realized that my tongue was covered by a thick layer, like white dirt. After a closer examination in front of the mirror, I saw small cracks and cracks in my tongue.

After checking thatthe smell of my breath was horrible, even after brushing, I wondered what is going on? Maybe it’s time to give your tongue a good wash!

What does it mean to have a white tongue?

A white tongue is something that nobody wants to have. Not only does it look abnormally, but if we don’t apply a quick treatment, the problem can lead to something more serious. But what does it mean to have a white tongue?

People who find themselves in this situation are said to have “geographical language.”

Having a geographical language means that the tongue has a large number of small fissures and scratches on it, being a perfect space for the development of bacteria that cause bad breath and a tongue with that characteristic color.

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3 very important questions when cleaning your tongue

Cleaning the tongue is something very important that we should all do. It is not difficult and hardly requires time.

That extra minute or two minutes that you will have to dedicate will only bring benefits. In addition, it is normal that you are interested in knowing how to remove cracks from the tongue.

1. It is not necessary to scrape the tongue with great force

It is not necessary to apply so much pressure to reach bleeding. Simply squeeze enough to eliminate bacteria.

2. Tongue cleaning does not prevent bad breath

Although cleaning can eliminate bacteria, this does not mean that the bacteria that cause bad breath die.

3. You do not need to use expensive or complex tools to successfully clean your tongue

Only a tongue cleaner will be what you need. They are cheap and very easy to find. On the Internet there are many at a good price: tongue cleaners.

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Step-by-step instructions to successfully clean the geographical language and how to prevent white tongue

Step 1: Rinse your mouth with a little warm water

Be careful that it is not too hot to not burn. With this you will help to soften the layer that covers your tongue, making its removal much easier. It is important that you spit the water to eliminate toxins, since if you swallow it, they will return to the throat.

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Step 2: Clean the top layer

With the scraper completely dry, start scratching the top layer of dirt. It is advisable to start from the base of the tongue, from as far back as you can without nausea. Slowly drag the instrument to the front. Work from left to right too, and make sure you scrape your entire tongue.

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Step 3: Apply toothpaste

A good oxygenated toothpaste helps you speed up the process of cleaning the white layer of the tongue, so you can apply a little on the cleanser.

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Step 4: Clean again

Cover the surface of your tongue with toothpaste and leave it for about 90 seconds. Don’t swallow it, just keep it in your mouth. Once the 90 seconds have passed, rub your tongue with the same movements until it is completely clean.

The truth is that it is a simple process, quite effective and very cheap to clean the tongue. Can you ask for anything else?

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