11 other tricks you can use to be seen as a safe and respected person

Second part with tricks so that everyone sees you as a person with great self-esteem and determination. Do you want to know them?
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After the success of the previous article: 11 psychological tricks you can use every day without being noticed, I have decided to publish this second part, with 11 tricks so that everyone sees you as a person with great self-esteem and determination.

1. Asking people for small favors will train their brains to believe that you like them because they will see that you are trusting them. For example, asking for a small favor, like having your picture taken, is one of the easiest ways to start a conversation with someone you don't know.


2. Although for some it is difficult, if you can not only remember the name of someone you just met, but also address that person by name during your conversation, it will make them find you extremely charming and wonderful.


3. Do you have to talk to someone you don't like? Make him feel insecure by looking at his hair and make a small face or smile. Make sure he notices it, but don't be too obvious.


4. Do you want to know if the person who is talking to you is lying? Just look directly into their eyes. This will make him believe that you know the truth and he will start to feel nervous or stutter.


5. Not looking at the popular boy or girl who is close to you "standing out" to get attention will make you look like someone with great confidence and will probably attract more attention from people who notice your behavior.


6. When you ask someone close to you to do you a favor, ask them to choose between two options. This will increase the chances that they will accept. For example: If you need money for a party, tell your parents "How much could you give me: 10 or 20?" instead of "Can I have 10 bucks for tonight?"


7. Avoid being pushed on the sidewalk by looking directly in the direction you are walking. Other people will notice the direction you are moving through your head and will unconsciously get out of your way.


8. If you want others to see you as a big and confident person, simply take bigger strides when you are walking, keep your eyes straight, your arms relaxed along your body, and don't pay much attention to what is happening around or who is looking at you is more than enough.


9. Do you have a ton of work to finish tonight? Try to finish the hardest tasks first, saving the easiest for last. This will make you feel more motivated and energetic. The same trick can be used to get favors from people: start by asking for the hardest ones first. It will make them believe that they are close to ending your favor.


10. The first impression is the most important way of how others will see you in the future. When a new friend of your friends meets you, speak calmly and not too much. Later, you can talk to them about anything you want, and they will still see you as a confident person.


11. No matter how nice or nice you are, if you are shy, do not have a lot of communication skills or are not a fun person, you will never be respected. Doubts and favors you do to others are more likely to be disregarded or appreciated and will increase the chances that people will use you.


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